About us.

The idea came up with the urge to travel. Travel to discover, learn, share…  The project was boosted with love. Love for India, a country with a big potential where opportunities are large and where the word impossible does not exist. Finally, the match that sparkled the Company: an Indo-French association that will ease the relations between  India and Europe.

A mix of successful ingredients which make CPRK Consulting: a Business promotion venture representing European SME companies in India.

CPRK CONSULTING wants to be complete yet efficient. It offers different identified services for a company to create its own personnalized package.

CPRK CONSULTING understands people and aims to smooth the relations between Indian and foreign professionnals through a crosscultural team. 

CPRK CONSULTING is a real passion and dedicates its commitment for the best results for the clients.

Our values.

& Collaboration

We believe in people and we trust. When the distance parts us, a strong communication becomes essential for a better work.

& Quality

We are real. We have standards. We like success stories. We want people to count on us. We love to do well.

& Reactivity

We understand the requirements of the market and we like to work smart, constructively, esponsively, and efficiently.

& Leadership

We keep on getting inspired to imagine new creative ways to promote a product. We have the courage and the curiosity to shape a better future.

& Love

The passion we have for tourism is pushing us to act as owner to reach the best results.

Our Team.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

We stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.